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Recharge Your Relationship with Dance Therapy!

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You rush around in the morning to get the kids off to school before dressing yourself for work. There’s stopping at the grocery store on your way home for dinner ingredients. You arrive back to a home that needs cleaning. You need to help with homework, and you need to do laundry. Then you’re responding to a string of emails late into the night.

Does this situation sound familiar? Life can get hectic—you know it, and your spouse or significant other knows it. As time goes on, you become distant from one another and feel as though you are drifting apart.

It’s time to reconnect with your partner—might we recommend dance? Below are a few ways you can recharge your relationship with couples dance instruction in Fort Worth, TX:

  • You get to spend time together: In a world that seems to never sleep, you must make the effort to spend quality time with your partner. A great way to do this is by signing up for couple’s dance classes at a local studio. It’s a class, so both parties will have to dedicate the time to go, to see each other and spend time together. Working on a new dance is the exact kind of challenge that can bring you closer.
  • It’s like a couples workout: Together, some couples play tennis, lift weights or run laps. However, these types of exercises are not everyone’s cup of tea. Enter dance lessons! You may have fun at a couple’s dance class, but dance is also considered a legitimate form of exercise. It involves stretching, moving and sweating, and can be strenuous or laid back. What matters is that you’re doing it together.
  • Work on your communication: Dancing with a partner requires clear communication and good coordination. Verbal and non-verbal communication are key, as you are two people intertwined and moving as a single force across the dance floor. The communication skills you hone on the dance floor can be used in your personal life.
  • Reconnect: Each romantic relationship is different. While some couples connect well physically and mentally, others need help getting out of their comfort zone to become more in tune to each other’s needs. Dance lessons may be the prescription you are looking for, as dancing calls for physical closeness between partners. When you dance with your significant other, a physical and mental closeness manifests. Your ability to connect on the dance floor is an invitation to reconnect in your personal relationship with your partner.
  • Learn something new together: Taking on a new skill together, such as dance, is a great way to bond with your partner. It’s a chance to master something new with someone you love, and an opportunity to remember why you fell in love in the first place. Working together to learn a new skill like dance will only strengthen your bond further.

Let your time on the dance floor be your therapy! Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth offers couples dance instruction in our Fort Worth, TX dance studio. Come to us in preparation for your upcoming wedding or as therapy to recharge your relationship.

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