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Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance School for Your Family

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When you’re looking for a top dance school in Fort Worth, TX, there are certain priorities that should top your list. To get the best fit for your family, consider the following five factors.

Competition or learning

What do you prefer to focus on for your dancing pursuits? Do you want to have a variety of competition opportunities, both locally and regionally? Do you care less about winning competitions and more about simply learning to dance? Schools focus their efforts differently, so be sure to find one that suits your needs.

If you hope to pursue a career in the performing arts, be sure to choose a school that teaches its students how to dance, not just to learn a routine for a competitive performance. You’ll need to learn the art form of dance as well as how to compete.

Qualified educators

Not everyone is qualified to teach dance lessons. For quality dance instruction, look for trained educators who offer a well-developed dance curriculum. For optimal results, the school should offer consistent curriculum from highly-qualified instructors.

You should also consider the administration of the school. How well is it run? What is the focus of the administrators? Your goal should be to choose a team that has your best interests in mind.

Flooring style

When it comes to top dance schools in Fort Worth, TX, be sure to consider the structure of the actual space. Dance instruction should not be performed on just any flooring. Dancers need the right support to reduce risk of injury and promote good alignment.

Look for a studio with a floating floor, which rests on foam to absorb the shock while dancing. The top layer should also provide a safe surface for dancing. The best choice is a vinyl composite floor. For tap classes, look for wood flooring on a sprung sub floor.

Performance opportunities

As you research top dance schools in Fort Worth, TX, find out what recital opportunities each school offers. Many provide one each year. Others offer a variety of performance opportunities for students to practice their craft. Decide if this type of opportunity is important for your family as you choose a school.

Other things to consider regarding these performances include location and cost. Will you have to buy costumes? Will the recital require travel to another facility? Do family members have to pay to attend the recital? These are important questions to ask as you look for the right fit.

Customer service

As with any type of service you pay for, consider the studio’s capability and style regarding customer interactions. Do they take the time to answer questions? Is there a full-time administration staff to handle customer service? Will you be able to receive assistance during normal business hours, or are there only two staff members who are both teaching classes all day? These are good questions to consider to decide if the level of service matches your needs.

The right school for you

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth is a top dance school in Fort Worth, TX. We offer private, group or practice sessions for all ages, including salsa, ballroom, swing dancing, competitive dancing, rumba, fox trot and much more. Contact us today to discover if we’re the right school for your family.

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