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New Year, New You: Top Reasons to Consider Becoming a Dance Instructor in 2020

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Dancing is an activity you can take up at any age or stage of life. Dance promotes movement and a healthy lifestyle in both students and dance instructors alike. It’s a new year. Do you want to focus on a new career? Want to teach dance to kids and people of all ages? Here are the top reasons to become a dance instructor in Fort Worth, TX:

  • Teaching dance is fun: There’s the saying, “As long as you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” And if you love what you do, chances are you will also have fun. If you find dancing fun and you are good at it, then teaching dance classes may be your calling. Imagine smiling every day at work because you actually want to be there!
  • Teaching dance is rewarding: Dance is a form of art, and art in itself is rewarding no matter what type you fancy. Dance teachers can rest easier at night knowing that their particular skills are being absorbed by their students. The hope is that they will become invested in dance just like you and eventually pass the skills they learned from you along to others.
  • Encourages creativity: When you teach dance, you’re allowed to let your creatively spill out everywhere. Your class curriculum is your own, meaning you can teach the type of dancing you’re best at and encourage the most important skills you want your students to take away. At the same time, you should want to encourage creativity in your students. Encourage them to express themselves on the dance floor to make their time in your class special.
  • Enjoy your passion: Not everyone can say they get paid to do something they love, but if you’re a dance instructor with a genuine passion for dance, then you are one of the lucky few. If you have a passion for dance, live in or near the Fort Worth area and want a career in a rewarding field, call or visit us soon—we’re hiring!
  • Escape the 9-to-5 grind: Kids take dance classes after school and on weekends, and adult work schedules are all over the map. With that in mind, as a dance instructor, chances are you won’t have traditional 9-to-5 days. You can enjoy teaching a couple classes on weekend mornings, but switch to teaching evenings on some weekdays to accommodate everyone’s personal schedules.
  • Keep youth active: Modern technology has young kids staying inside watching TV or playing video games. Almost gone are the days when kids would rush home, do their homework, then head outside to play until dinnertime rolled around. Dance can keep kids active in an age where tech is king.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth is staffed by some of the most passionate dance instructors in Fort Worth, TX. Everyone in our studio has a heart for dance, and maybe you do, too. Good news: we are looking for more staff! Get in touch with us today to learn more about becoming an Arthur Murray dance instructor.

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