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Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance Studio

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If you or your child has shown an interest in dance, you want to nurture and support that passion. To do so, you’ll want to invest in classes at a reputable studio that meets your young one’s needs and/or yours. The challenge is finding a premier studio that offers dance classes in your area taught by top talent at a reasonable price.

Quality facilities

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to ascertain the quality of a dance studio is to find out about the type of floors installed in the classrooms. Dancing on incorrect flooring can lead to shin splints, damaged joints, and stress fractures.

A professional studio should use floating floors. These are professionally installed Marley floors (sheet vinyl) with high-density foam block set up underneath to absorb the impact of jumps. Dancing on improper flooring can tire dancers out faster than a floating floor. A high-quality dance floor also will minimize dancer injuries and long-term strain. Don’t risk your child’s wellbeing by having him or her practice on subpar flooring. A studio that invests in a floating floor demonstrates that the owner and teachers care about your child’s safety and progress as an up-and-coming dancer.

When you’re looking for dance classes in your area in Fort Worth, TX, you also want to find a studio that offers comfortable waiting and observation areas for families to enjoy while students are in class. Classrooms should have observation windows for parents to look through to watch their child’s progress without disrupting the teacher and the other students.

And of course, no dance studio is complete without a top-of-the-line audio system to properly play music. It doesn’t require anything over the top, but a decent stereo, at a minimum, should be installed in each classroom.

Class sizes

Classes filled to capacity with students divides the teacher’s attention and decrease the amount of one-on-one time your child receives. Larger classes also require teachers to spend more time getting children to pay attention to their lessons instead of focusing on actual practice. Ideally, classes with younger students (ages three to five) should be limited to eight, while classes for older children should max out at 12.

Class goals

Ballroom dancing classes teach children numerous skills beyond the ability to cut a rug on the dance floor. From nurturing a love for physical activity to building confidence and character, give your child the unique opportunity to connect with a beloved artform that challenges both the body and the mind. Teachers should aim to educate kids about dance instead of focusing on winning competitions or wowing audiences at recitals.

Studio staff

Many smaller studios are operated by an owner who also teaches the majority of the classes. This does not allow you or your children to receive the service you need.  A professional dance studio will employ administrative and teaching staff to provide you and your family with the attention and care you deserve.

The Arthur Murray name is synonymous with high-quality, renowned dance studios. Those looking for dance classes in your area in Fort Worth, TX need search no longer. Contact your local Arthur Murray Dance Studio today to learn more about dance classes in Fort Worth, TX and other programs for your child.

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