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Seven Important Reasons to Add Dance to Your Life

June 4, 2019 7:07 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We love introducing newcomers to the joys of dancing! Dance allows people to embrace a new way of expressing themselves and tends to bring people together in a very unique way. As a dance studio in Fort Worth, TX, we love seeing someone who has never really danced before find a new joy and passion out on the dance floor. If you haven’t already discovered the joy of dancing, here are the top seven reasons why we think you should add dance to your life today. Get creative A wise person once said, “Creativity is putting your imagination to work,... View Article

What Are the Benefits of Teaching Dance?

May 21, 2019 7:07 am Published by Leave your thoughts

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein said that, and although he may not have been speaking about teaching dance, specifically, his words resonate with many dance instructors. There’s something about instilling a skill and, perhaps more importantly, a passion into the mind of a student that brings a superior sense of fulfillment. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth, we love sharing our passion for dance with the community. It’s not only our job—it’s our life. If you’ve ever considered becoming a dance instructor in Fort Worth,... View Article

Why You Should Get Started with Salsa Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX

May 7, 2019 7:15 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s never too late to learn how to salsa dance! This is an activity that you can enjoy for a lifetime, and that will give you a great excuse to get out and meet new people or to enjoy more one-on-one time with your partner. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why you should consider starting up salsa dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX today: Bolster your confidence: Learning the basics of salsa doesn’t take long—typically only a few lessons, even if you have very little dance experience. You’ll continue getting better and better with practice, giving... View Article

Getting Started with Country Western Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX

April 23, 2019 7:14 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The term “country western dancing” refers to a wide variety of dancing moves, styles and techniques that are performed to country and western music. You’ll find country and western dancing in dance bars, ballrooms and clubs. Anyone who enjoys country music and dancing is sure to have a lot of fun with it—whether it’s line dancing, square dancing or any other kind of country dancing! If you’re interested in learning this type of dancing, you can always start taking country western dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX. Here’s some basic information about what you can expect out of a standard... View Article

How to Choose a Dance School in Fort Worth, TX for Your Child

April 10, 2019 3:18 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

One of the most popular activities for parents to sign their children up for is dance classes, but finding dance schools in Fort Worth, TX with the right level of quality can be challenging. If you’re unsure about where to send your children for dance lessons and you don’t know what to look for when you’re choosing between different dance schools in Fort Worth, TX, consider a few key characteristics. By taking some important factors into account, you can ensure that your children will receive the highest quality instruction possible in a fun and safe environment: Reputation: The reputation of... View Article