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Getting Started with Country Western Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX

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The term “country western dancing” refers to a wide variety of dancing moves, styles and techniques that are performed to country and western music. You’ll find country and western dancing in dance bars, ballrooms and clubs. Anyone who enjoys country music and dancing is sure to have a lot of fun with it—whether it’s line dancing, square dancing or any other kind of country dancing!

If you’re interested in learning this type of dancing, you can always start taking country western dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX. Here’s some basic information about what you can expect out of a standard lesson or dance session.

How does the dance work?

There are two main categories of country dancing: partner dances and group dances. Partner dances include both lead and follow dances, as well as pattern dances. Group dances are most commonly divided into square dances and line dances.

Country dancing is much more informal and laidback than other kinds of dancing, though that doesn’t mean it’s supposed to look sloppy. Smoothness is a part of the style of the dance moves, though some can be exaggerated. You won’t find a whole lot of hip movement, jumping or bouncing in country and western dances.

You’ll most likely get started with learning moves like the two-step, the basic dip, the pretzel and the sweetheart, with more advanced moves including backflips and trust falls. Keep in mind that line dancing and pairs dancing are quite different—there are distinctive patterns to line dancing, and the moves are choreographed, with no physical contact. Pairs dancing is much more free-flowing, and obviously features contact between the dancers.

You can often take country dance courses at local colleges and universities as part of their dance clubs, but there are other dance clubs, social clubs, country and western dance bars and other types of locations that offer country and western dance lessons and dance nights. After a few lessons, you should be confident enough to go out dancing without needing the instructional element.

What should I wear?

If you’re new to country and western dancing, you might be wondering what you should wear to your lesson or to a night out. Sure, there are plenty of people who will wear cowboy boots and hats on the dance floor, but you don’t have to get that in-depth with your garb. The biggest rule is that you should dress for comfort. You can wear jeans, slacks or skirts, plus cotton or silk shirts, boots or sneakers, and hats if you want. Any clothes you wear should give you some freedom of movement so you’re not restricted in how you’re able to move on the dance floor. This typically means wearing lightweight clothing, especially when you consider that dance floors can tend to become a little warm and stuffy with so many people moving around.

For more information about taking country western dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX or to enroll in a class, contact Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth today.

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