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Important Reasons to Learn Ballroom Dance, and Its Top Health Benefits

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In today’s world, where stress is rampant, fast food is delicious and people seem more and more glued to their screens, it can be tough to find a hobby that keeps you healthy and helps you meet people. Sure, you could go to a gym, but since when is a treadmill anyone’s idea of fun? For Texans in search of that perfect pastime, it’s time to get moving. It’s time to start enjoying ballroom dancing in Fort Worth, TX.

If you’ve never considered ballroom dancing as your next obsession, you might want to reconsider. There are endless benefits to ballroom.

It’s fun

The enjoyment you get from ballroom dancing can’t be overstated. For people who get no pleasure from a traditional workout, dancing can be a great way to get the blood circulating and get those endorphins flowing.

Tone your muscles

As you zip along the ballroom floor to a fast-moving concerto, you’ll be resisting the strength of your partner with every step and turn. The result is increased endurance and a unique form of physical training that builds muscle and tones what’s already there.

Low-impact delight

For those people who may have weak knees and ankles or those who are just getting back into an exercise routine, ballroom dancing in Fort Worth, TX may be the perfect fun, low-impact exercise to get you moving without pushing you beyond your limits.

Improve flexibility

Stretches and bends abound in ballroom dancing. Most classes open with a round of light stretching to help prevent injury, and the catalogue of ballroom dance moves is filled with steps that see your body contort in time with the music.

Keep your mind active

You might not think that dancing would improve your mind, but it can. Dancing is scientifically proven to contribute in the fight against dementia. Dancing with a partner also decreases loneliness and improves social function (and you don’t even have to make small talk).

Increase your endurance

Even if you’re only dancing for the length of one song, ballroom will require that you use your whole body for at least three to five minutes. As your skill level increases and your lessons get longer, you’ll find that translates to increased endurance in other aspects of your life, as well.

The original ballroom dance academy

When you want to get healthy and stay healthy while you’re having some great fun, there’s only one place to start your journey: Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth. As the namesake of one of history’s great dancers, our world-famous studio is the premier home for ballroom dancing in Fort Worth, TX. Our private and group lessons run the gamut from beginner to expert, so there’s something inside for dancers of every skill level.

Already mastered ballroom? Not a problem! Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth also offers salsa, swing dance, rumba, foxtrot and so much more. Our talented staff can also help take your dancing to the competitive level or provide a little splash of elegance to your wedding ceremony with a choreographed dance.

Young and old, novice or pro, Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth has something for everyone. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. It’s time to get moving, and we can’t wait to help you!

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