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Reasons to Become a Dance Teacher and Join Our Team!

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Dancing is not only a wonderful hobby. It can also be an amazing career! A dance instructor career may not be the first thing people think about when they are searching for their future path, but it is one that is meaningful, rewarding and tons of fun!

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth, we are host to a fantastic group of dance instructors who truly love the work they do. Now, we are looking to add even more to our team! If you love to dance and have an affinity for teaching others, you should consider applying for a dance instructor position.

Here are some of the many reasons teaching dance is amazing and why we are the best dance studio to work for in Fort Worth, TX.

Choosing a dance career is fun and rewarding

Deciding to join a career in dance is a great move, whether you’re a skilled dancer or just a novice. Teaching dance allows you to give back in so many ways while also honing a craft you enjoy and creating art day in and day out.

Dance instructors get to spend their days helping other people improve their confidence, learn a new skill, experience measurable improvement and simply have a good time. Plus, it’s an active job that combines exercise and pleasure into one!

Not only that, but many dance instructor jobs take you outside of the four walls of a studio. Some instructors have the opportunity to travel and even perform alongside their students. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to do something they love every day?

Our dance studio is among the best!

Beyond getting a job at just any dance studio, working with the team at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth is an extremely rewarding and positive experience for many reasons:

  • Passionate team members: All of our dance instructors are passionate, hardworking people who love what they do and show it every single day. Being surrounded by a team like that helps you infuse even more passion into your job and feel proud to be in such a positive, welcoming environment.
  • Not stuck in a rut: Our studio teaches a wide variety of dance styles, including salsa, ballroom, swing dancing, competitive dancing, rumba, fox trot, wedding dances and more. With so many options to choose from, we guarantee you won’t get stuck doing the same thing every single day. You’re able to change it up and try out new things.
  • Training opportunities: If you don’t have much experience in dance or aren’t skilled at teaching, that’s perfectly okay! We train all our staff before they begin working with students, so you’ll be as well prepared and confident as your eventual students will be.
  • Part of a legacy: The larger Arthur Murray company has been around for over 100 years and is one of the leading dance organizations in the world. When you join our team, you’ll be joining a legacy of creative, wonderful individuals who loved dance and loved to share it with the world even more.

The fun doesn’t stop at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth, which is why we’re the best dance studio to work for in Fort Worth, TX. Call us today to inquire about our programs or to apply to join our team!

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