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How Dancing Can Elevate You and Make You Smarter!

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The art of dancing has been around for thousands of years. It’s referenced in books, poems, paintings and drawings, and in more recent times, it’s also been documented in photographs and on film. In fact, many have written about the health benefits of dancing, which is mostly thanks to dance being a phenomenal form of physical activity. Research shows that no matter the type of dancing—whether salsa, ballroom, country or tango—active participants experience lower stress and raised levels of serotonin, all leading to a sense of improved wellbeing. But did you know that dancing on a regular basis is also incredibly beneficial for your brain? It’s true.

If you have been researching dance schools in Fort Worth, TX, but still aren’t sure whether dance is right for you, read on! You may be surprised to discover the many healthful benefits of stylized movement. Below we’ll break down how dancing can elevate you and make you smarter.

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Right off the bat, in-depth studies of the health benefits of dance show evidence that stimulating the mind with the physical act of dancing can stave off mental diseases, like Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s also a physical activity, so it helps to keep your body fit regardless of your age. But how exactly does dance reduce a person’s risk for cognitive and physical decline? Let’s find out.

The cognitive benefits

What is the cause of these significant mental benefits? The brain has all the answers.

For starters, people who are more resistant to the effects of dementia show more cognitive reserve and boosted neuronal synapses. This is because dancing is also a mentally engaging activity, and improving these neural qualities can lower the risk of mental decline. Doctors describe things this way: The brain constantly rewires neural pathways when needed. If it doesn’t need to or can’t, then nothing changes in the brain for the better.

Additionally, as we age, brain cells die and synapses weaken. Memory starts to fade, but even more frustrating is that the brain may know what to say, but be unable to recall the words. Luckily, dancing requires physical movement and thinking. The long and the short of it is that if you don’t exercise your intelligence, you may just lose it.

Why dancing helps

Why, of all the types of physical exercises out there, is dancing such a great option for mental stimulation? Research shows there are significant benefits of dance helping to keep the brain sharp. Dancing requires quick decision making and your brain transferring information to your body to move, and telling it when and how to move. If you want to improve both your physical and mental wellbeing at the same time, take dance classes. It’s an extremely effective activity to maintain healthy brain and body functions as you age.

Don’t dismiss the possibility of signing up with one best dance schools in Fort Worth, TX because of nerves or anxiety. Let the friendly team at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth walk you through everything you need to know. Call us today to learn more about how to sign up for one of our beginning dance classes!

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