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Considering Becoming a Dance Teacher? Here Are Five Tips for Making This Tough Decision

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Being a dance teacher is a rewarding, yet challenging career. It’s the perfect next step for someone who has been passionate about dance and is just as passionate about sharing their love for the art form with others. On the other hand, being a dance instructor isn’t necessarily easy. It’s an all-consuming, tiring and oftentimes thankless job. It also requires years of experience in addition to professional training. This can be especially difficult for anyone who is not completely passionate about their job. The key is to understand each aspect of the position before making any decision. Consider these five tips before deciding whether to pursue a career as a dance teacher in Fort Worth, TX.

You won’t always succeed

There will be times where you won’t succeed as a dance teacher. A student might not nail a move no matter how many times they try. Some may unexpectedly quit, and others might not mesh well with you. A great dance teacher will be able to take these experiences in stride. On the other hand, there will be students who succeed and those with whom you build lasting relationships. It’s these successes and failures that make the experience so rewarding.

It’s very competitive

Many people think they’ll escape the competitive nature of dance by not being on the front lines. However, that competitiveness doesn’t stop just because you become an instructor. You’ll still feel nervous before your students go on stage for a big competition and a sense of pride if they do well. You’ll want your students to win and succeed as much as you wanted to when you were the one on the stage.

Unconventional schedule

Dance classes aren’t held on a typical Monday through Friday, 8-to-5 schedule. Your personal schedule will vary drastically based on your students and class schedules. This is even more true when you first start out, as most new teachers try to cover a lot of classes. Your schedule will likely be based on those of your students. This isn’t a problem if you truly love the work.

Unknown opportunities

Nothing is predictable about being a dance instructor. This job can open doors to opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. The rewarding and developing nature of the career will help you expand, grow and gain confidence as you develop both personally and professionally. Over time, you’ll gain the experience to teach private lessons, work with professionals and maybe even open your own studio someday.

You won’t always know the answer

You can’t really prepare for the unique challenges of becoming a dance teacher. You’ll question whether you’re challenging your students too much or if you need to push them harder. You will wonder why one student disappeared or if you’re making the right decisions. This can be frustrating for some, but a person with the right temperament will look at these moments as an opportunity to learn more about themselves.

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