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The Biggest Rewards of Teaching Dance

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As dance teachers in Fort Worth, TX, there are so many rewarding aspects of our jobs. We love working with students of all ages to teach them the art of dance, which has always served as an outlet for emotion, an escape from the realities of everyday life and a great means of personal expression while connecting to others.

Here are just a few examples of some of our favorite rewards of teaching dance (and participating in dance):

  • Exercise: Of course, one of the greatest benefits of dance is that it is an outstanding form of exercise, something people of all ages need. For young dancers especially, instilling a love of dance and exercise early on will make them more likely to seek out opportunities for cardio and exercise later in life, encouraging healthy habits to last a lifetime. The dancing itself is fun, and it’s also great for the body!
  • Creativity: Dancing as an art form is an outstanding way of practicing and encouraging creativity. All types of dance require the dancer to express themselves in certain ways. This can be a very freeing feeling for dancers who might not have had other forms of artistic expression to explore before. From the standpoint of a dance teacher, it is inspiring and gratifying to watch dancers become more comfortable with their bodies and with letting themselves go in their dance, being willing to express themselves in dance in ways they might not be able to do with words. There are always amazing breakthroughs to watch, and when it happens it can be a great moment!
  • Warmup: Just as dance encourages a love of exercise that can last a lifetime, it also teaches students about exercise, and how to exercise safely. For example, warmups are a regular part of dance practices, and various aerobic styles of dance and warmups can be used for other types of athletic activities. Young students learn the importance of warming up the body and getting limber and then stretching before the workout begins, and that’s knowledge that will carry over to other forms of athletics and exercise.
  • Storytelling: Students will be introduced to the idea of conveying a message or telling a story solely with their movements and without speaking. This is, again, a major opportunity for creative expression, but also an excellent way to teach critical thinking in a different environment than a classroom. How does a particular movement indicate a particular emotion? This sort of lesson teaches an awareness of one’s body and demeanor. It is especially helpful for people who have an interest in acting who need to learn greater control over how they use their bodies.

These are just four of the very many rewards and favorite moments we have as dance instructors. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth, it is our great joy to be able to serve as dance teachers in Fort Worth, TX to so many children and adults with a passion for dance. If you’re interested in getting started, contact us today!

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