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Will Public or Private Dance Lessons Be Better for You?

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Everyone learns differently. Some people learn best visually, while others gain a better understanding through hours of practice. These principles apply to dance. Some will learn best in a private dance class where they can receive individualized attention and progress through the curriculum at their own pace. On the other end of the spectrum, many aspiring dancers thrive in a group setting that is more reflective of an actual dance event. Each class type has its own benefits, but it is important to find out which format speaks to your specific learning style.

Choose private dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX if…

  • You’re preparing for an event: A couple rehearsing for their first dance at their upcoming wedding will likely want private lessons. The teacher will be able to focus specifically on coordinating and perfecting the dance for your specially selected song.
  • You’re nervous: Does the thought of dancing in front of a group of strangers seem absolutely terrifying? Then choose private classes. The isolated setting will allow you to work at your own pace and improve without any eyes on you.
  • Celebrating a special occasion: You might want private lessons if the experience is intended to be a birthday or anniversary gift. This should be a special, intimate experience for you and the recipient.
  • Faster progress: Need to learn to dance fast? Then go with a private lesson. Your instructor will be able to customize the lessons based on your specific skill level and learning styles. The individualized attention will help you become a dancing queen (or king) in no time.

Choose a group class if…

  • You want to meet new people: Dance classes are a great way to socialize and meet new people. You’ll be able to build lifelong friendships through a healthy activity, instead of at a bar or online.
  • You’re focused on social dancing: Group classes are the ideal choice for dancers wanting to impress the next time they hit the dance floor at the club. The class will provide a helpful setting to become more comfortable with mastering a new move under the watchful eye of a trained professional. You will feel more confident on the dance floor in no time.
  • You want to improve at leading and following: Dancers will work with a variety of different partners in class. Each partner will challenge your abilities and push your leading and following skills. Over time, you will become proficient in both roles.
  • You’re looking for a more budget-friendly option: Group dance classes tend to be a bit more affordable than private lessons. Price should never be a barrier to learning how to dance.

Are you looking to socialize or trying to reconnect with a spouse? Then Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth likely has the perfect class for you. We offer a variety of group and private dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX. Our professional instructors will help you get ready for the nightclub or that first wedding dance. Call us today or stop by the studio to sign up for your first lesson!

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