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Five Things to Consider When Looking for a Dance School in Fort Worth, TX

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Are you thinking about taking a dance class? Participating in an organized activity like dance as an adult or a child can help develop social interaction skills, build confidence, foster creativity and emphasize the importance of being physically active. Finding the right dance school can be a bit tricky, though. It’s important to find an institution with experienced instructors that provides both quality instruction and a nurturing environment to learn and grow in. The studio space can make or break the entire experience.

Consider these five things when looking for a dance school in Fort Worth, TX.

Teaching staff

The first step is to take a close look at the teaching staff. Their education and experience should demonstrate a commitment to professionalism, education and safety. The best dance schools will specifically select teachers for certain classes based on their areas of expertise and training.


Dance isn’t just dressing up in a tutu and prancing around on a stage. The age-old art form is actually quite technical, and the curriculum of the school should reflect that. The curriculum should be challenging, yet accessible to beginners. The routines should be selected based on age and experience levels. On the other hand, there should also be room in the programming for fun and creativity—especially in classes designed for younger dancers.

Class sizes

Smaller class size ensures each student will receive more personal attention. This will help them learn better and forge a bond with both the instructor and other students in the class. A smaller class allows the instructor to check that each student fully understands the instructions and concepts as they are introduced. Typically, the classes should have no more than 12 students. This is especially important when learning dances with more intricate footwork, such as the foxtrot or tango.

Class offerings

Don’t limit yourself to just one style of dance. A well-rounded dance school will offer a full roster of different types of dance classes. Options may include competitive dance, ballroom, salsa, tango, country western and more. The right dance school will give students the opportunity to try new styles of dance.


Finally, take the time to visit the school. An administrator or instructor should be more than happy to provide a tour of the facilities, either during a class or a free hour. Inspect the cleanliness of the space, convenience of the entrances, the parking and any dressing rooms during the tour. Note whether the mats, barres, floors and mirrors are in good condition. Pay special attention to the feel of the studio. Does the environment seem welcoming and bright? If a class is in session, peek in to get a sense of how it is conducted and evaluate the rapport between the students and the instructor. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions at this time.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth has served as one of the premier dance schools in Fort Worth, TX for years. We offer both private and group sessions where our experienced instructors provide individualized attention to each student. Call us today to learn more or arrange a visit!

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