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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dance Studio

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Getting your child involved in a physical activity or hobby is a wonderful idea. If you’re considering dance lessons, then here are some important questions to ask when looking at dance schools in Tarrant County, TX.

What kind of dance style or education interests your child?

When choosing a dance school for your child, make sure they have the kind of dance class you’re looking for. Some dance studios are dedicated to a single style, such as ballet, and for that reason don’t offer other types of elective dance classes, like contemporary and hip-hop. Then again, other studios may offer a variety of classes. Jump online and browse dance studio websites to get a list of their class offerings, and then call to confirm. Doing some legwork is the best way to ensure that your child gets the chance to learn a style of dance that interests them.

Do you want the opportunity for your child to do competitive dance?

Even if your child is new to dance, it’s not a bad idea to consider the possibility of enrolling them in a competitive dance program. Many dance studios around the country today offer auditions for their students to be on a dance competition team after they gain experience. Some dance studios, like Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth, have a variety of ways for individual dancers and partners to compete, from local dance shows to local, national and even international competitions!

Where would your child do best?

So you’ve found a couple dance studios that teaches the style of dance your child is interested in. Before choosing a studio to join, find out if they host open houses or offer tours for interested students and their families. Visiting the school and meeting the faculty and current students is an excellent way for your child to feel things out. As the parent, talk to other parents, and watch your child to see how they interact and respond to everything going on.

Are you concerned about dress codes and costumes?

No matter your child’s age, you should ask the dance studio about their dress code. Dancers tend to dance most comfortably in lighter clothing, and less of it—such as the ever-popular sports bras, hot shorts, bra tops and tanks, and dance costumes. Check out the studio’s social media pages to see how the kids are dressing. Before selecting a studio, know the dress code so you can decide whether you’re okay with your child dancing up on stage or in class dressed in such a manner.

Do all the teachers have extensive experience?

Dance is a specialty within the performing arts, so it’s important that your child’s dance teacher is a professional who has an extensive dance background. It’s especially helpful for the teacher to have gone to school to learn about other aspects of dance, including injury prevention, the right body alignment and movement and nutritional needs, all of which contribute to your child’s dance education. Don’t be shy about asking a studio about their teachers’ experience.

Are you in the process of checking out dance schools in Tarrant County, TX? Come visit Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth today. We’d love to meet you and your child and help you get acquainted with our school.

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