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Why You Should Learn to West Coast Swing!

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West Coast Swing, also known as Western Swing, is a fantastic type of dance style that made its big debut in the 1940s. Whether you’ve been dancing for years or are just starting out, this versatile and engaging style is a great choice, and countless people from coast to coast are getting into it every year!

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth, you can take private dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX for all sorts of styles, including West Coast Swing, and you’ll surprise yourself by just how much you can learn—and how much you’ll love it. Dancing is a fantastic way to let off steam, boost your spirits, improve your self-confidence and just enjoy doing something new and fun with friends and loved ones. Here are our top reasons why you should give West Coast Swing a try:

    Swing Dance

  • Choose your favorite music: While some dance styles require a pretty specific type of music, West Coast Swing is frequently lauded for its ability to adapt to most any musical taste. You can pair the steps with energetic rock, pop and country tunes, or go for something a little more soulful, such as jazz or blues. You can truly put your own spin on the style, from fast-paced and authoritative to smooth and slow. Ask your dance instructor for a few tips and ideas for how to make your personality shine through West Coast Swing when you come in for your private dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Add other dance elements to your steps: One of the greatest aspects of West Coast Swing is how it incorporates other forms of dance. It is a fantastic hybrid of many different techniques, so you might have learned some of the steps already if you’ve taken dance lessons in other styles in the past. In a sense, you might have learned some West Coast Swing already!
  • Really connect with your partner: Unlike the more old-fashioned classic dance styles such as the waltz, West Coast Swing is more of an equal opportunity style. You’ll feel like you’re having a conversation with your dance partner, rather than always leading or always following. You might start out as the follower, and then change up the steps and become the leader for the next section, which adds a lot of spice and excitement to dancing together.
  • Come as you are: Some people who are considering private dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX worry that they aren’t “sophisticated” enough. If you are one of countless people who love dance but just don’t feel like getting dressed up, West Coast Swing is a great choice. You can put on a pair of tennis shoes just as easily as high heels, and a comfy t-shirt or favorite pair of blue jeans is always welcome.

Dance is about self-expression, and Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth is here to help you relax and have a great time with whatever kind of dance floats your boat. Give us a call today to schedule your private dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX!

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