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What Are the Draws of Taking Private Dance Lessons?

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Dance lessons can be intimidating to someone who has never tried them before—whether it’s for your wedding, to prepare for an event or just for fun, learning to dance around a group of people can take the focus off learning. Instead of comparing yourself to others, why not spring for private dance lessons? While they’re more expensive than group classes, you’ll get better results and won’t worry about whether you’re behind the rest of the class.

Here’s why our clients love taking advantage of private dance lesson benefits in Fort Worth, TX:

  • Tailored to your individual needs: When you get private lessons, you’ll work with the teacher to identify your goals, then build an instruction plan around them. For example, someone who just wants to learn how to ballroom dance so they can attend dance socials will have different goals than a couple who want a choreographed dance at their wedding, just as a competitive dancer would need other specialized training. This allows you to get exactly the kind of instruction you want, rather than generalized teaching designed for a class.
  • Customized to your schedule and budget: Group classes have set schedules that work for the studio, not the students—booking private lessons ensures that your class will always be held at a time that’s convenient for you. If you’ve ever tried to sign up for a class only to find that it’s held right in the middle of your regular shift at work, you know how frustrating it can be. Dance instructors often have flexible schedules that can work around your own employment and obligations.
  • Make faster progress: Since you and your partner, if you bring one, are the only students present, your instructor will be able to give you individual attention. They’ll have the opportunity to watch you, identify where you’re struggling and work with you until you get it right. This helps you perfect your technique and form at a much faster rate than if your teacher’s attention is divided between 20 or more students.
  • Never worry about embarrassment: Finally, as mentioned earlier, some people simply find group lessons intimidating. As a beginner, it’s easy to feel embarrassed if you feel you’re not getting the hang of it and you’re farther behind the rest of the class. No one wants to feel like they’re the reason the lesson is getting held up. Private lessons offer you the chance to get your skills up to a level where you feel confident and ready to learn in a group environment.

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If you’re ready to discover these private dance lesson benefits for yourself in Fort Worth, TX, look no further than Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth. Our professional dance instructors welcome dancers of all skill levels, and promise a nurturing, friendly environment that will improve your skills, fitness and mood. No matter what kind of dance you’d like to learn, our team can teach you. Call us today to learn more about our private lessons.

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