Customer Testimonials | Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth - Part 9


March 5, 2014

"Here's a piece I wrote after a solo showcase event we held in Grapevine:__Today Gracie had her first time on a stage. I don't know if she'll be a performer, or a tax accountant, or a housewife, or writer, or a politician, or I don't know what. But today, she was a star, for the first time, and we were there together - we will have the moment together forever.__On paper, dancing is just jumping around to music and wearing funny costumes. In practice, it is people of all colors, beliefs, and backgrouds coming together to mutually agree to believe and support the most awesome possible versions of ourselves. Today, I watched my friends, from age nine to eighty-something - no joke - sharing their most essential selves with each other in music and motion. On paper, this is just moving around to music and getting a good workout - it is certainly that. In reality, it is what we are all looking for in these times - a community.__I've done it long enough now to have seen people enter the studio, nervous, careful and closely guarded, and slowly blossom into beautiful, elegant, graceful, powerful men and women. I've seen it enough now to be able to see the seed of possibility when they come through the door for the first time. So many of us have begun in crisis - dealing with death, divorce, a relationship in crisis, or moving forward to a new stage in life, not knowing what the future holds - circumstances where it would be perfectly understandable to hide, surrender and, well, die. That these people choose to face this howling oblivion by choosing to dance, by choosing life - well, it makes me think that there's hope for humanity after all."
December 31, 2013

"Walk in - Dance out._Have something wonderful to call your own. Learn how speak to your loved one without words. Find a group of great friends for life. One might even call it home. Its our happy place.__We've been blessed with wonderful friends and teachers who are love us and each other and are committed to give us a thrill for living through a passion we all share in common - dancing."
November 8, 2013

"I began dancing at Arthur Murray in Fort Worth nearly 6 years ago. I was over weight and in pain from arthritis.  I was becoming a bit depressed about it, but knew I needed to keep moving. Dance has helped me regain my strength, flexibility, and motivation. I lost 30 pounds and was able to stop taking all that arthritis medicine._Some people may say it is pricey, But, you don't just learn to dance there. It is certainly excellent exercise for your body. But, it also calms your mind and it comforts my soul. I've also made friendships that will last a lifetime._For 40 minutes, dance makes all the ugliness in the world disappear and allows my soul to be heard. For me, that is worth a great deal._I give thanks to my Arthur Murray family for transforming me - I couldn't be happier!""
November 7, 2013

"I've been a student at his studio for four years. It started out as a few lessons as a little birthday present to myself and I never left. I've become close friends with my fellow students and have met the most incredible professional dancers. My instructors have taken the time to the apply the best teaching method for me and I'm always challenged, both mentally and physically, with something new. I leave my frustrating days on the dance floor and go home a happier person."
October 31, 2012

"There is nothing else out there like it. The service is phenomenal."