Why Should You Take Tango Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX?

Apr 26th, 2017

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Why Should You Take Tango Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX?

Step up your dance game by adding the tango to your repertoire! This graceful yet precise dance will have you and your partner gliding along the dance floor using staccato footwork and dramatic movements that flow to the rhythm of the music. You’ll find that tango dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX will help you improve as a dancer and make you become more proficient with every step. Here are some reasons why you should learn the tango at your next dance class:

  • Increased body awareness: Tango dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX will have you moving your feet while keeping your upper body in a relaxed position. This will help you to become more aware of your body’s movements and its ability to perform precise step work. You will build strength in your arms and legs as you learn new moves and have more ability to concentrate on the dance. You will be focused on your body and its willingness to perform.
  • Improved posture: Because you must have a straight back and relaxed stance when you are performing the tango, you will find that you naturally begin to stand up straighter throughout your everyday life. You will become more aware of how your body looks and feels. It will feel unnatural to slouch, and your posture will immediately improve through your tango dance lessons.
  • Added flexibility: You will also improve your body’s flexibility as you learn during tango dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX. As you learn new movements and begin to relax, your body will become more proficient in its step work and enhance its ability to move in time to the music. You will become more limber and be able to hold stances quite naturally as your body’s muscles stretch and get used to the steps and movements that are required.
  • More creativity: Because the tango is a more interpretive dance that uses a series of footwork over and over, you will be able to interpret it as you so desire. One partner leads the tango and allows you to use your creativity to decide what happens next in the dance. You will feel the inspiration from the music and be able to be freer in your movements and step work.
  • Better relaxation: Over time, with help from tango dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX, you will feel more at ease with the movements. Your body will begin to relax as you find it easier and easier to do the steps. This will allow you to really enjoy the dance and open up to the music. You will feel more relaxed overall as your body glides and performs effortlessly to the dance.

By taking tango dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX, you will enhance your body as well as your spirit with every step you learn. The tango is the perfect dance for those who want to learn something new while enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Contact Arthur Murray Dance Studio to schedule your next dance lesson. We offer an array of dance types that beginners as well as more experienced dancers can enjoy.

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