Six Traits of Extraordinary Dance Teachers in Fort Worth, TX

Mar 15th, 2017

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Six Traits of Extraordinary Dance Teachers in Fort Worth, TX

We all remember the names of our favorite teachers from elementary school, middle school and high school. They were the teachers who treated us like their own children and never gave up on us, even when teaching us seemed hopeless at times. Now that you’re thinking about dance classes for you or your child, find an instructor who mirrors your most memorable schoolteachers.

Here are six traits of extraordinary dance teachers in Fort Worth, TX:

  • Genuinely loves dance: To share your love of dance with others, you don’t necessarily have to eat, sleep and breathe it—but you should genuinely enjoy it. This is especially important if you are going to dedicate your life to teaching dance. One way you can tell that a dance teacher lives for dance is how passionately they talk about it. Their face will light up when asked about dance, and they will be more than willing to tell you everything you want to know.
  • Knows how to teach dance: Enjoying dance and knowing how to teach it are two different things. But find someone with a combination of these two characteristics and you’re closer to finding yourself a great dance teacher! They need to be in love with both dancing and teaching; otherwise, they probably should not teach. In addition, the best teacher should be dedicated to practicing everyday to develop their own skills in order to teach you well.
  • Cares about your health: Dancing takes a great deal of physical and mental exertion. Because of this, good dance teachers in Fort Worth, TX will be up on safe dancing practices and will be on their tiptoes keeping an eye on your health during class. Maintaining good health is important to be successful as a dancer—a great teacher knows this.
  • Encouraging: The best teachers are sensitive to the needs of individual dance students. They are well aware that everyone learns at different paces, and are therefore patient with their students. Find a dance teacher who is encouraging, not discouraging, so you can learn to dance the right way.
  • Motivational by nature: Like learning a new subject in school, learning new dance moves can be difficult. That is why you want a dance teacher who is supportive, but who also challenges and inspires you. Without a doubt, an extraordinary teacher believes in their students, no matter how long it takes them to catch on or master the steps.
  • Respects you for who you are: Mutual respect is crucial for any student-teacher relationship. But since the teacher is the person being looked at for guidance through the world of dance, they need to take the lead on respect in the dance studio. This includes being sensitive to students’ needs, while appreciating each for the individuals they are. All that’s asked of you is to do your best, ask for help, be respectful to everyone in class and love dancing.

If you are ready to learn how to dance, or are interested in a refresher course, then visit the talented and compassionate dance teachers in Fort Worth, TX at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Please feel free to contact us anytime about our dance program options!

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