Today’s Top Trends for Competition Dresses

Oct 15th, 2016

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Today’s Top Trends for Competition Dresses

While a dance competition is all about how well you move on the dance floor, what also matters is your visual appearance. From makeup to hair and dress, you want to look your best, and wearing a competition dress that is on point will help. A dance studio in Fort Worth, TX can help you find the latest in dresses to match your performance. Here are the latest trends in competition dresses to make sure you stand out for your dancing, and not because you chose the wrong outfit:

  • Backless: Gowns are becoming more daring and unique, as they are now often featured with the back cut out. This glamorous look is both bold and makes a statement that can enhance your dance moves. As the lines of the dress hug your body, it gives emphasis to the curves of your back, accentuating your movement and grace as you float along the dance floor. This trend is being seen more and more, and is the perfect opportunity to try a dress that has some impact. Talk to your dance studio in Fort Worth, TX to see if the style is right for you.
  • Havana: This trend in dresses really depends on your choice of music, as it might look out of place when dancing to a waltz. It is perfect for Spanish- or Cuban-inspired dances such as the cha-cha, with its ruffles, feathers and big skirts in bright pink, orange or yellow. Rose prints in this style are also in, as well as tops that are off the shoulder for a more daring look. Use this trend to spice up your dance and add some festive fun to your moves.
  • Neck enhancements: You will see that dresses are now coming with matching neckpieces that add a dramatic flair to your full dress. These show-stopping pieces give you a full outfit to dance in that is complementary and designed to be worn together. Adorned with sequins and crystals, you have that extra sparkle you are looking for with a full ensemble that is both modern and sleek—perfect for a rumba or tango. Practice wearing this type of dress in your dance studio in Fort Worth, TX to make sure you are comfortable in it.
  • Sparkle: Sparkle dresses always seem to be in style, as the light reflects off them beautifully and helps to enhance your rhythm on the dance floor. They give you that added boost you need to feel special when you are dancing, helping you to look beautiful no matter what type of dance you are doing. From a slow waltz to a fast-paced quickstep, you will have a dress that is flattering and designed to give you a glow.

A dance studio in Fort Worth, TX can give you the best direction as to what type of competition dress should accompany the dance you have planned. We have plenty of experience designing the full package and can help you put on your best performance. Contact Arthur Murray Dance Studio for dance instruction. We offer a variety of dance lesson packages that are right for any level of dancer and any occasion of dance. We look forward to working with you!

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