Exploring the Underappreciated Benefits of Ballroom Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX

Sep 15th, 2016

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Exploring the Underappreciated Benefits of Ballroom Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX

It is well known that dancing can add enrichment to our lives, but do you know just how beneficial ballroom dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX can actually be? Here are a few of the lesser known ways that dancing can add to your life:

  • Health benefits: Since dancing is an exercise at its core, no matter how much fun you might be having, you are also burning calories and participating in a good workout. As a result, you not only lose weight and promote good heart health, but also build strength and stamina in the process. And just like any aerobic exercise, ballroom dancing releases the same endorphins that produce the “runner’s high.” Going to the gym everyday can be discouraging and monotonous because the exercises can be very difficult and boring. Adding ballroom dancing classes as a part of your weekly workout regimen is the perfect way to add excitement and variety to working out, while providing you with an enjoyable workout that you are sure to want to return to.
  • Cognitive benefits: A recent study conducted by Stanford University shows that ballroom dancing can significantly enhance mental ability. Because you are actively thinking about the choreography and making the right moves while dancing, your cerebral cortex is getting just as much of a workout as your body. Reiterative dancing will continue to sharpen your brain, and eventually you will create a cerebral surplus that you will be able to draw from in the future. The same study showed that ballroom dancing can also help fight the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by helping your brain to develop additional neural pathways, and drawing from that cerebral surplus as you age. If one of your neural pathways is blocked, you can use one of the developed routes to access the information in your brain, which means that your memory will stay intact longer.
  • Social growth: When you go to a ballroom dancing class, you will be in a room filled with people with whom you share at least one common interest: the desire to learn and get better. As you return to class each week and continue to get better, you gain confidence and feeling comfortable becomes natural. When you feel better about yourself, you are much more willing to interact and be social, which opens you up to the possibility of new connections. With the recent rise in popularity of ballroom dancing, it is likely that your class will be filled with people from various backgrounds. This presents you with the unique opportunity to not only learn how to dance, but learn about all different types of people that you might not have otherwise met. By the end of the sessions, you may have developed a rapport and lasting friendships, not only with your partner, but also with the entire class.

Ballroom dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX gives you the chance to learn more about dancing, with the prospects of staying in shape and meeting new people providing an added bonus. Call the award winning Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth to learn more about ballroom dancing lessons, as well as the many other classes we offer, and get signed up today.

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