Dancing as Marriage Insurance?

May 15th, 2016

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Dancing as Marriage Insurance?

Nobody ever said that marriage is easy. Especially as you start to build a life with your spouse, the more responsibility you have—whether it be to work hard to support the two of you or take care of your children—the less time you spend together developing your relationship.

In short, life can come predictable, with the same old routines day after day. Many couples need something to spruce their relationship up and make it more exciting. Couples dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX can help you feel like you’re on your first date again, when you feel as if you’re in a heavenly state that will never end!

Dancing lessons are an investment in the marriage that it will pay off just like insurance pays off when you need it. The following are a few ways dancing with your partner can act as marriage insurance.

You’ll feel more satisfied

When you have insurance, you feel safer knowing that something is always there in case something bad happens. Dance lessons with your spouse also prevent you from having to experience trouble, because with dance, you and your partner will make it through the rough patches in your relationship.

Statistics and studies say that couples that engage in physical activity together are more satisfied with their relationship than those who do not. Dance can be a fun and exciting way to engage in physical activity together.

Physical activity gives those who engage in it endorphins, which make people happier in general, but also increases their heart rate. That increased heart rate in and pulse mimics the feeling that people experience when they fall in love.

You’ll get your relationship back on track

Just like insurance helps you get on your feet after an accident or trouble, dance lessons can help a relationship feel exciting and comfortable again.

Learning to dance together will help couples practice teamwork and trust. While dancing, couples are in close contact and moving together as one. The man, or the leader, must protect his partner and be his partner’s frame. The other person, or the lady, must learn to depend on her partner, follow him and be attentive to his signals. Dancing means taking time for each other and holding onto each other, and that close contact is often times a lifesaver in strained relationships.

Different dance routines can be romantic as well. The tango helps emotions take over, the cha-cha may make one feel the urge to flirt, and that almost never hurts in a romantic relationship.

When you got married, you made a bond to always stay true, and dancing can help you stay true to that bond and even re-ignite that bond. You don’t want distance, resentment and boredom to get in the way of spending quality time with the one person you truly love. Dancing is anything but boring, and who knows, you may discover something new that you’ve never seen in your partner before!

Dance is truly a powerful tool for growing and strengthening a marriage. To sign up for a couples dance lesson in Fort Worth, TX, visit the Arthur Murray Dance Studio today.

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