Learn to Salsa Dance: Rejuvenate Your Body!

Mar 15th, 2016

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Learn to Salsa Dance: Rejuvenate Your Body!

When thinking about exercise or working out to become healthier, most people think about running on a treadmill or spending time on another machine, like an elliptical or stair master. Believe it or not, exercise can be fun! It doesn’t have to be something people dread doing every day.

Salsa dancing is a great form of exercise, and most people find it fun. It’s a way to burn calories without really realizing you are doing so. The following are other reasons why you should take salsa dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX:

  • It’s good for your body: There are many physical benefits to salsa dancing. Like any form of exercise, it helps you burn calories and lose weight. In one hour of dancing alone, you can burn 450 calories! Most salsa dance lessons are usually that long, so that’s an easy and fun way to help you shed a few extra pounds. If you don’t necessarily care about your weight, there are benefits for you as well. Dancing helps your balance, flexibility and helps improve your posture. It also helps circulation of the blood, as well as keeps you chemically in balance. Your metabolism will increase, meaning you’ll have a lot more energy to keep up with everything else in your life, whether that be school, kids or work.
  • It helps your attitude: Salsa dancing is a great way to boost your self-esteem and confidence. If you are shy or introverted, dancing—especially taking a class to learn how to dance—is the best way to break out of your shell. Once you learn to dance, you’ll see all the physical benefits of dancing, like losing weight. You’ll see yourself improve, which will help your self-esteem. You’ll also get in the habit of asking people to dance with you or being asked to dance, which often feels nice. This feeling of pride, confidence and accomplishment is something that may start on the dance floor, but you can carry it with you to your outside life. Every day activities become more fun when your spirit is uplifted through dancing.
  • It can help you make friends: Salsa dancing may not be the most conventional way to meet friends, but it can be more fun than going to countless social gatherings or out to a bar. Taking a dance class or going to a salsa group is an awesome strategy to make new friends. From the first class or first session, you have something in common and something to talk about: you like to dance or you want to learn to dance. Who knows, you may be able to laugh at how awful you are at first. Salsa dancing in particular is a great way to socialize because you are forced to dance face-to-face with someone else, which means you can have a small conversation with one another as you dance.

To start taking salsa dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX and reap these benefits, visit the Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

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