Step into Country Western Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX!

Jan 15th, 2016

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Step into Country Western Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX!

New Year’s resolutions often include physical goals that aim toward health. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or start exercising, by February many people find that running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike can become dull. If you’re seeking new and exciting ways to get active and keep your resolutions, consider enrolling in country western dance classes.

Taking country western dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX is a great way to exercise and have some fun in the process. The following are some common questions that students have about country western dancing when they’re just starting out:

How did country western dancing become popular?

Modern country western dancing, especially the country line dancing that is taught in classes today, emerged out of the popularity of folk and rock and roll. Popular country songs made people all over Texas want to move to the music. Perhaps the most widely known country music song that people love to dance to is Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Achy Breaky Heart.” Additionally, fad dances in the in movies like “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease” made line dances popular for all kinds of music lovers.

How is country western dancing performed?

A country line dance is easy for people of all ages to learn. Dancers stand in single or multiple lines. You and the other dancers will face in the same direction and dance the same set of steps. Usually your instructor will teach you a series of steps that turn you and your classmates in a complete 360-degree rotation.

Most of the time there is no physical contact between dancers, so you don’t need a partner to sign up for a class. Dancers can also form a circle or move in an outside line and an inside line for special routines once lessons become more advanced.

What are the benefits of country western dancing lessons?

Like all forms of dancing, country western dancing lessons can come with physical, emotional and social benefits. Dancing is considered an aerobic exercise and will get your heart rate up throughout the course of your lessons. Studies suggest that performing aerobic activity for 30 minutes at least three times a week can improve your physical health.

Country western dancing is also an excellent way to express yourself creatively and relieve stress from your day. This type of dance can also be a great way to socialize. Country dancing lessons allow you to have fun and meet new people without the pressure of working with a partner or being in the spotlight.

How can I learn more about country western dancing?

To learn more about this type of dancing, you can enroll in country western dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX at your local dance studio. The studio can teach you all of the steps you’ll need to dance to your favorite country and rock songs, including the country two-step and the country swing. Your instructor will work with you to get you on the dance floor and feeling great in no time.

For more information on country western dance, contact the experienced instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studio today.

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