Mix Up Your Workout Routine at a Dance School in Fort Worth, TX

Oct 1st, 2015

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Mix Up Your Workout Routine at a Dance School in Fort Worth, TX

As the holidays approach, finding a way to exercise is important. During colder months, many people search for a way to work off holiday meals and avoid exercising in unappealing outdoor temperatures. Instead of sitting on a stationary bicycle or running on the treadmill at the gym, consider taking dance classes as a unique and fun way to stay healthy this season.

Dance provides the ideal workout for those in search of an engaging way to stay active. Classes are available for every level of dancer, and can increase your creativity and enjoyment of the arts while keeping your body in shape.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your workout routine, enrolling in a dance school in Fort Worth, TX can offer the following physical benefits:

  • Dance can increase your flexibility: The steps and spins dancers perform aren’t just for looks. Dance moves reduce stiffness in your body and allow for increased flexibility. Unlike other types of workouts, improved flexibility from dance can also reduce joint pain and the soreness typically felt the day after exercising.
  • Dance can reduce risk cardiovascular disease: As an aerobic exercise, dancing strengthens muscles in the heart. In a recent study, patients with heart failure who waltzed regularly improved their heart health, breathing and quality of life at a similar rate as those who biked or walked for exercise.
  • Dance can help you lose weight: Dancing to your favorite music can be just as beneficial as biking or jogging for people who are trying to burn calories and boost their metabolism. While it may be easy to get bored with the treadmill and get off course with your workout routine, dancing keeps you on your feet – both mentally and physically.
  • Dance can improve your balance: If you are older and are worried about falling, dancing can help build strength and stability in your body. Partner dances like the tango improve balance in older adults, as they require repeated movements that develop muscle and good posture.
  • Dance can improve your memory: In late adulthood the part of your brain that regulates memories naturally shrinks. Dancing as a form of exercise can help prevent this part of brain from reducing in size, which in turn may help dancers keep their memories for a longer period of time.
  • Dance can boost your energy: If you find that you have less energy than you used to, dance can help you get motivated. Studies have shown that a weekly dance program can improve your physical performance and increase overall energy levels.
  • Dance can reduce stress: Stress can often have a physical effect on the body. If you are feeling stressed, participating an enjoyable outlet is important for your physical wellbeing. Studies show that partaking in a partner dances can help reduce stress levels in a way that is comparable to forms of physical activity.

Dancing provides a fun and effective way to stay healthy during the winter months. If you would like to know more about how to stay fit by enrolling in a dance school in Fort Worth, TX, contact the Arthur Murray Dance Studio today.

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