Before Heading Back to School, Enroll in a Dance Studio in Fort Worth, TX

Oct 15th, 2015

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Before Heading Back to School, Enroll in a Dance Studio in Fort Worth, TX

It’s no secret that children tend to have an endless amount of energy. If you are one of the many parents that is searching for an after-school activity that puts your child’s energy to good use, consider the many benefits of enrolling your student in dance classes. Dance lessons are beneficial for kids of all ages, and can be a fun, social and educational alternative to traditional sports.

When planning for your child’s back to school activities, talk to a local dance studio in Fort Worth, TX about the following advantages dance lessons offer to young students:

  • Dance improves physical health: Dancing is an aerobic exercise, meaning it is a highly physical activity that will get kids’ hearts pumping. Studies recommend that children complete an average of 30 minutes of exercise each day, and an average dance class meets that requirement with ease. The physical benefits stemming from dance are numerous. Most children who take dance lessons begin to see an improvement in their overall physical health, as well as enhanced flexibility, strength, stamina and range of motion. The repetitive movements of dance can also correct poor posture, tone muscles, increase balance and boost coordination.
  • Dance helps with socialization: Dance lessons are an ideal form of socialization for children who are returning to school. Classes provide kids with a safe space to gain confidence in how they communicate with others, while also teaching students about manners and proper social boundaries. Lessons teach students how to be part of a team, develop a sense of trust, cooperate with classmates and listen to others’ views. Classes can be especially beneficial for shy children who need help with reducing anxiety of new people and reaching out to other kids.
  • Dance builds educational drive: Dance requires skills like discipline, control, practice, determination and concentration that are easily transferrable to other areas of children’s lives, especially in school. Participating in dance provides children with a creative outlet and an overall appreciation for the arts. In addition, dance students may also perform better academically. Studies show that children who participate in dance often have higher SAT scores and perform better in math and science classes than kids not involved in dance.
  • Dance helps improve self-esteem: When children practice the movements and postures used in dance, they start to see improvements in their abilities. As time goes on, dance lessons can make students more comfortable in their own skin, and build confidence that through hard work students can achieve their goals. When kids participate in dance, they often start to have a more positive attitude and tend to be more open to expressing themselves. Additionally, dance is often a helpful tool for emotional children because lessons provide an open environment that allows for expression without judgment.

Enrolling your child in a dance studio in Fort Worth, TX will allow them to have fun while gaining many physical, mental and social benefits. If you would like more information on dance lessons for your child, speak with an instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth today.


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