History of Arthur Murray Alive in Dance Studio in Fort Worth, TX

Apr 15th, 2015

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History of Arthur Murray Alive in Dance Studio in Fort Worth, TX

Some things never go out of style. While clothing trends and hairstyles may come and go with the passing years, there are a few traditions that remain as fresh as the day they began. Such is the case for ballroom dancing at Arthur Murray, one of the oldest dancing franchises in the world. You can find these traditions still practiced everywhere from a dance studio in Forth Worth, TX, to the glittery films of Hollywood.

In 1912, Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios first opened with Arthur Murray himself. He was a successful entrepreneur and one of the first to use advertising techniques that were thought to be cutting edge in that era. His direct mailing campaign to sell dance lessons proved wildly successful and he was able to attract customers to the joy of ballroom dancing.

By 1920, the craze had caught on and he had attracted national attention. Prior to World War II, Arthur Murray dance instruction was a part of first-class steamship cruises and the studios were among the first to champion dances like the “Lambeth Walk” and “The Big Apple.” In fact, The Big Apple was so popular, it helped launch Arthur Murray from a single studio to a large chain of dance schools.

By the 1940s, Arthur Murray was a popular household name, with songs written in his honor (“Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry” by Betty Hutton) and mentioned in films (“The Fleet’s In”). By 1946, the lone Arthur Murray dance studio had grown into 72 dance schools across the country.

Arthur Murray eventually retired in 1964 and a group of franchisees purchased the company. They have been able to keep the spirit alive of the original studio while bringing a new, youthful spirit to the company. While dance crazes don’t last for long, Arthur Murray had continued to rely on the fun of ballroom dancing that first helped make it popular. Because of this, it has been able to maintain its foothold in the youth culture.

Arthur Murray dance teachers can be found everywhere. From studios to movie sets, the instruction and practices of Arthur Murray are engrained in the American consciousness. One need only turn on his or her television to find traces of Arthur Murray, from classic films like Dirty Dancing, Flash Dance, Saturday Night Fever and Scent of a Woman to modern day movies that borrow that traditions passed down by Arthur Murray.

Not only is ballroom dancing in the tradition of Arthur Murray still present in Hollywood, it can be found even down in the Lone Star State. At the Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth, TX, the dance instructors continue the traditions first made popular over a century ago. While the studio teaches dances of every kind, the most popular remains the old classic of ballroom dancing.

To book your lessons at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth, TX, call 817-732-3111.

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