How to Have Realistic Expectations When You Bring Your Child to Dance School in Fort Worth, TX

Feb 1st, 2015

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How to Have Realistic Expectations When You Bring Your Child to Dance School in Fort Worth, TX

Introducing your child to a new activity that has the potential to grow into a passion is a very exciting experience for any parent. Dance is a particularly great thing for your young children to try, as it teaches dedication and flexibility, and shows that exercise can come in many forms.

However, there is a fine line between ordinary parental excitement and overwhelming expectations. Having very high expectations when your little dancer is just starting out won’t be helpful for them or for you, so take a deep breath, sit back and read these tips about having realistic expectations when you bring your child to dance school in Fort Worth, TX:

  • Trust the teacher. Becoming overly involved with your kid’s dance lessons is a tempting and easy habit to fall into, but if you want your kid to flourish, place your trust in their teacher. Even if you have experience in dance, you likely haven’t seen the broad range of ages, skill levels and body types that the dance instructor has. When they make decisions you wouldn’t, or seem to challenge your kids too much or too little, your first instinct may be to speak up. Before you do, give it some time, perhaps a few weeks or months, and see if the teacher’s way pans out. Of course, if there’s something you’re really not comfortable with, you should take action, but sometimes it pays to have patience. And speaking of which…
  • Be willing to put the time in. It’s common for kids to want to give up if they don’t show great strides right away, and sometimes parents are too quick to let their kids abandon an activity. At our dance school in Fort Worth, TX, we encourage both students and parents to stick with dance at least a few months before deciding to drop out. This will teach your kid perseverance, and they might wind up loving dance in the end.
  • Different kids have different paths. Just because your kid is the same age or has the same experience as another young dancer, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have the same skills or paths. Your child might greatly excel at dance, or it might become a fun, casual hobby for them. Neither of these paths is necessarily better or worse than the other, and dance can still have value in one’s life even if it doesn’t become about competition or excellence. As long as your kid is having fun, broadening their horizons, and doing their best, any parent should be happy and proud.
  • Your kid notices what you do. You might not think your child realizes what your expectations are, but often children take their cues directly from their parents. If you express frustration that they aren’t learning quickly enough, this can take a toll on their appreciation for dance as well as their general self-esteem. Whatever your misgivings or concerns may be, be sure you bring them up alone with their instructor, and never in front of your kid.

If you’re interested in the dance options available for children at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, call us today for more information!

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