Already Sick of the Gym? Try a Dance Studio in Fort Worth, TX Instead

Dec 1st, 2014

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Already Sick of the Gym? Try a Dance Studio in Fort Worth, TX Instead

It’s not even New Year’s yet, but many people are already having some stress and anxiety surrounding the holidays and the oh-so-popular New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get in shape. For those who dread going to the gym anyway, the prospect of having to kick the exercise routine into high gear come January 1 holds about as much appeal as a holiday season without plates of cookies and tabletops covered with cakes and pies.

Fortunately, it’s possible to both enjoy the sweets and massive holiday dinners and maintain good health without having to commit yourself to going to the gym. Why not make regular dance classes at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Fort Worth, TX your antidote to winter weight gain and seasonal blues?

Physical health benefits

Particularly if adding a few pounds to the scale over the holidays is something you’re likely to experience, and if you’re worried that it’s going to take forever to lose them again, it might be interesting to know that dancing can provide a fantastic aerobic workout and an enjoyable alternative to spending hours on the treadmill. Dancing can help lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease, as the workout strengthens your heart and boosts your metabolism. It also provides the benefit of exercising certain muscle groups that don’t necessarily feature in walking or jogging, which aids in building strength and tone. All of these benefits can also aid in weight loss.

Mental health benefits

While many people go into dancing understanding that it’s good for the body, less immediately apparent is its benefits for the mind and spirit. The process of memorizing and coordinating movements to properly execute a dance exercises the mind, and all that physical activity gets the blood flowing to the brain, improving alertness and cognitive function. Additionally, the act of dancing in a group can provide release from stress and loneliness, leaving dancers happier and more fulfilled than they were before the hit the dance floor. Of course, it’s also important to note that good physical and mental health can promote each other. In other words, dancing really does pack quite the punch if you’re looking for a way to lose the pounds as well as avoid the gloom that often sets in once the holiday season has ended. If you’re susceptible to depression or even just a deflated mood once life has returned to its normal routine, enrolling in a dance class can be a great way of holding that sadness at bay.

In addition to the positive effects that dancing can have on your mental and physical health, it’s also just a great way to get out and enjoy the company of friends or meet some new people. At the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Fort Worth, TX, we offer a great variety of classes and lessons to people of all ages. Regardless of what brings you into our studio, we’re confident you’ll have a wonderful time, get a nice workout and ultimately feel a little better about life. Come see us soon!

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