Lose Weight with Group Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX

Nov 15th, 2014

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Lose Weight with Group Dance Lessons in Fort Worth, TX

With the winter holidays fast approaching, that means a lot of people are about to up their intake of sweets, comfort food, alcohol and other food and drink items that, although they’re certainly delicious, have a way of adding inches to the waists of people who are usually in fantastic shape. That people tend to consume these things with joyous abandon from Thanksgiving thru New Year’s is one reason why so many resolve to lose weight starting January 1.

There are a lot of ways people try to lose weight, and some certainly work better than others. But how many of them are both effective and fun? Finding a weight-loss activity that works but doesn’t make you miserable can be difficult. That’s where dance studios in Fort Worth, TX come into the picture—why not start the new year off right with group dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX? Here are just a few ways that dancing can double as an effective weight loss activity:

  • Dancing sure beats the treadmill: One of the most common complaints people use as an excuse for skipping the gym is that they just find it too boring. Being stuck on a treadmill or exercise bike certainly pales in comparison to the constant surprise and excitement that come along with group dance lessons. Many people just find dancing a lot more fun, and being able to avoid the constant reminder that you’re exercising makes both your dancing and your workout much more successful and enjoyable.
  • Being social can increase accountability and success: Another thing about the gym is that, even if you go with a friend, it can still seem very isolating. While your winter weight loss journey is certainly personal, it’s also nice to feel like you aren’t totally alone. Group dance lessons aren’t just a great way to meet new people or spend time with your friends—they’re a way of being accountable to yourself and others during your weight loss process. Being able to encourage each other can result in a higher likelihood of success with your weight loss goals.
  • Dancing qualifies as moderate aerobic exercise: All this talk of fun and eliminating the overwhelming obviousness that you’re exercising may sound like reasons to doubt the effectiveness of dancing as a form of exercise. However, particularly when dancing involves your entire body, it makes for fantastic aerobic exercise. Obviously more vigorous types of dance will burn more calories, but even moderate aerobic exercise will help you get closer to your target weight. As an added bonus, the structure of group dance classes, with stretching and cool-down periods, can help you avoid injury.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers a vast range of group dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX designed to get you moving and experiencing the thrill and excitement of dancing. Whether you’re looking to lose some of that holiday weight or just out for a good time, we hope to see you at our dance studios in Fort Worth, TX very soon!

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