How to Have an Epic First Wedding Dance

Sep 1st, 2014

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How to Have an Epic First Wedding Dance

The first dance that you and your newly betrothed share as husband and wife is one of the most special moments you’ll ever have. With all of your friends, family and loved ones watching on, you’ll move your feet to a song that’s supremely special and have that moment to reflect on forever.

Making your first wedding dance a memorable one is something that many couples put a lot of thought into—from picking the perfect song, to taking wedding dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX before the big day arrives. If you’re looking for ways to make your first dance as a married couple amazing and special, take a look at a few of the best tips we know of:

  • Practice makes perfect: One of the benefits to enrolling in wedding dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX before the big day is the practice you’ll have before the spotlight is on you and everyone is watching! The last thing you want to do is miss a step, make a wrong move or spend the entire moment concentrating on your footwork, rather than taking it in. Practicing your steps to the song and getting the right feel of the moment before it’s actually upon you will make it all the more special when you share it with everyone else.
  • Spice it up: Your first wedding dance doesn’t have to look like a death march! In fact, these days, many couples are picking songs that are a little upbeat or that have a little bit of flair to them, so that they can feel the rhythm more loosely and move their bodies happily. Rather than embracing and slowly pivoting in the same circle over and over again until the song is done, practice a dip or two, twirl your lovely partner or work a little bit more momentum into those hips!
  • Fool the family: If you’re a couple that’s spontaneous, fun loving and mischievous, you can make a splash with your first wedding dance by fooling everyone in the room! You can have the DJ or band start up one of the classic, slow, heartfelt love songs… then, abruptly switch to a song that you and your new life partner can really swing to! When people hear the record scratch and a more upbeat song come on or when the band suddenly cuts into a song that’s familiar and exciting, everyone in the room will be on their toes while you’re laughing and grooving with the love of your life on the dance floor!
  • Make a production of it: When people think of a couple’s first dance, they imagine it to be a slow embrace that’s weepy-eyed and heartfelt—but what if you and your love want to show a different side of your relationship? Turning your first dance into a production is as easy as mimicking the styles of Dirty Dancing or Grease—the wife dances at the husband and when she’s done, the husband rebuttals, going back and forth like this until the song is over. Your first dance might become a mini dance competition, which is huge fun for the happy couple and a delightful sight for everyone else in the room!

The best thing about your first dance as a married couple is that you can make it whatever you want it to be! Whether you’re more of the traditional couple who takes wedding dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX to put on a first dance that’s classy and heartfelt, or you’re the type of couple who wants to surprise the room with a segue into an upbeat dance, your first dance is going to be one of the best memories of your wedding—make it count!

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