Dancing Your Way Back to Romance

Sep 15th, 2014

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Dancing Your Way Back to Romance

When we first get to know someone, every moment seems like a special one—discovery prompts fun and exciting conversations, brand new shared experiences create lasting memories and planning the future is an exciting prospect. As we get married, have kids and do all of the things that come with getting older, sometimes it’s hard to sustain that initial excitement that a budding relationship first held, however. And, when the kids are all grown up, you’re settled nicely into a career and comfort takes a lead role in a relationship, it can sometimes feel like the spark is gone.

While you may never truly stop loving the person you’re with, stagnant periods in the relationship might give way to fights, disconnects or monotony, which can make you feel like you’re missing something in your life. And, while there are a myriad of ways to help breathe some life back into a romance that’s been more comfortable than spontaneous over the past few years, none is more invigorating than couples dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX!

Dancing is the language of love

What is it about dancing that brings fun, excitement and passion back into the lives of empty nesters? Well, for starters, it’s a common activity that makes you focus solely on one another, which creates intimacy and forms a bond. When you’re moving along to the rhythm of the music, your focus is on one thing and one thing only: the person you’re holding onto! This shared intimacy is something that you might not have during other activates, even if you share them together.

There’s also the fundamental aspect of touch to consider. Whether you’re holding hands, wrapping your arm around your partner’s waist or holding them close to your body while you move, touch is a powerful force that can quickly bring back the romantic spark that many couples feel has grown dimmer over all of the years.

A shared passion

Another great component of couples dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX is the possibilities that dancing can open for a couple. While you learn and grow together on the dance floor—much like you did at the beginning of your relationship—the steps you’re learning together could take you on to bigger and better things! Perhaps you go dancing every Thursday night at the local jazz club or enter a competition together to show off your skills? No matter what it leads to, dancing is certain to open the door on more shared experiences.

Dancing is also a way to show affection, desire and admiration. For men, having the full attention of your lady on the dance floor, showing her the heart you’re putting into the routine, can make you feel proud and confident. For women, having your husband’s eyes on you while you’re illustrating your beauty and finesse to the beat of the music can make you feel desirable and alluring. It’s these things that will play off of each other, bringing you closer together as a couple through the intimacy of dance.

If you’re looking for a way to reignite the spark in your relationship after you’ve entered your later years, give couples dance lessons in Fort Worth, TX a try! The experiences you’ll share and the passion you’ll discover are sure to remind you why you chose to spend the rest of your life with the person you are.

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